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Helen & Ying Lin


An Exhibition of Art & Calligraphy


Taiwan Center
137-44 Northern Blvd.
Flushing, New York 11354
Tel (718) 445-7007

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October 27 - October 31, 2000
Date       Opening Hours
Friday October 27 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm Opening Reception
Saturday October 28 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday October 29 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Monday October 30 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday October 31 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Ying Lin
Official Script Calligraphy
Small Seal Characters
Large Seal Characters

Press Release

Flushing, NY - October 27, 2000

For as long as they can remember, Ying and Helen Lin, the admirable couple, have been interested in and inspired by the arts. Ying, a writer, learned the ancient Chinese art of calligraphy writing while growing up in China. Helen, a teacher, remembered watching her father paint Chinese watercolors. Having grown up in a creative environment, Ying and Helen have developed and refined their own art forms and techniques over the years. Together, they will launch their first joint art exhibition for the community at the Taiwan Center in Flushing.

This exhibition will showcase Ying's magnificent range of skills and techniques in Chinese calligraphy. Over the years, in his spare time, Ying studied and practiced two styles of Chinese calligraphy. The first style of calligraphy, also known as the oldest style, is composed partly of pictographs. It consists of large seal characters (1122-256 BC) and small seal characters (221-207 BC). The second style of calligraphy is known as clerical script, which dates from 207 BC to 588 AD. These two styles of calligraphy were crucial in the formation of modern Chinese characters.

For Helen, this exhibition will reflect the many art forms that she has developed over the years. Since 1986 Helen has devoted herself full-time to the arts. Combining Eastern and Western styles with a mixture of her own, Helen's artwork is modern and classical, yet original. Helen's specialties include rice paper tearing art, polymer clay pictures, paper crafts, paper cutting art, and paper folding art. A technique that she developed and perfected, Helen uses torn strips of handmade rice paper dipped in diluted glue to "paint" pictures. The results are landscape and still-life paintings with textures and the soft look of watercolors. Another technique that Helen has perfected is the use of polymer clay to form paintings. Instead of using the polymer clay to simply make objects, Helen uses them to "piece together" a painting, using the clay as her paintbrush - a truly exceptional style.

Since the 1980s, Ying and Helen have demonstrated, performed, and taught their art forms and techniques throughout the New York/Tri-State area. Since retiring as an editor of the Sing Tao Daily, a Chinese newspaper, Ying concentrated most of his time on refining his Chinese calligraphy skills. He has had live shows in countless Chinese festivals and cultural activities. Although Helen has recently retired from being a Chinese school language teacher, she is still active in the community with her arts and crafts. She has demonstrated her art forms at many branches of the Queens Borough Public Library System, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, colleges and universities (including New York University), the American Craft Museum, and the Chinese-American Cultural Center of Flushing, etc. Helen is also a member of the Asian American Women Artists Alliance (AAWAA). She has had several of her artwork displayed in group exhibitions - "A Prismatic Mirror" (August 1999), "Eat Art 2" (November 1999), "AAWAA 2000" (August 2000), and "Eat Art 3" (September 2000) - in SoHo, New York. In addition, she has had a solo exhibition in the gallery of the Amerasia Bank in Flushing, New York. Helen has published a book entitled Helen Lin's Folk Arts and Crafts for all to enjoy. For additional information on Ying and Helen Lin's artwork and book, please visit their Web site at or call (718) 591-3352.

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